Nationale Vereinigung der Nigerianer e.V.
Begegnungszentrum "Frohe Zukunft"
Heinrich-Franck-Straße 2
06112 Halle (Saale)

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on behalf of
NANSA president Dibie
is calling the nigerian
governement for action
to free our girls who are
in clutches of boko haram

on the 21.03.2013
conclusion of the
contract between
the primary school

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(National Association of Nigerians in Saxony-Anhalt)
call on action:
On behalf of the National Association of Nigerians in Saxony Anhalt
we call on the governement of Nigeria and especially president Jonathan Goodluck
to fight against the terrorism in our country.The governement and all their
leaders should take responsibility for our safety and freedom in our motherland.
Please, free our girls who was kidnapped by murderers and extremists.
Our invincible faith to god, our lord jesus christ will give us the power, to
overcome and win against the efforts of boko Haram.

Paul Efam Dibie, President of the National Association of Nigerians in Saxony Anhalt

Nationale Vereinigung der Nigerianer e.V.

registered to Amtsgericht Stendal
buisness-nr.: 65AR119/08
into the association-register on the
02.09.2008(VR 1476)
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